What Is HDPE Furniture, And Why Should You Invest In It?

As you explore your options for buying new backyard furniture pieces, you may have come across a term regarding outdoor pieces you aren't familiar with: HDPE furniture. You should learn what this is and why it's worth investing in. You can buy HDPE outdoor furniture at your local furniture store, home improvement store, or outdoor supplies store.

What is HDPE furniture?

HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene. This means furniture that is labeled as HDPE is made from plastic materials, the same ones often used in some plastics you're familiar with already. The plastics used in some drink cartons, hair product bottles, and other products are HDPE, and furniture that is plastic in construction can fit in this same section.

You can buy HDPE furniture in two compositions: either traditional or original HDPE pieces or recycled versions. The recycled version of HDPE furniture is the same as regular styles only it's made of recycled materials instead of original materials and can be considered more environmentally friendly than the former.

Why invest in HDPE furniture?

If you want furniture pieces that will last a long time, then you want to consider HDPE outdoor furniture for your patio furnishing needs. The reason for this is simple: unlike wood or wicker furniture pieces, HDPE furniture won't fade, rot, or become susceptible to mildew or mold damage. This type of furniture can be fashioned or molded in many solid styles so it's durable and attractive, and since plastics in this type of furniture can be easily dyed, you can choose these furniture pieces in any style or color you wish. You can even mix and match your pieces as you see fit to complete your patio design.

Another reason to invest in HDPE furniture is this: the pieces are cost-effective since they are not comprised of pricier materials, like vinyl. If you want your outdoor furniture to last, then cover your furniture with individual covers when not in use or store them away from the sun. While HDPE furniture is durable and strong, the sun will fade and weaken these pieces with time, so keep your investment going strong by protecting these pieces well.

Speak to your home improvement specialist about the different types of outdoor furniture pieces you can choose for your home to see if HDPE furniture is right for you. If you have other plastic pieces in your yard, try to choose new furniture that will match these pieces to keep a streamlined appeal in your patio or outdoor entertainment areas.